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North Forest Lights

Nature’s secret rhythms, illuminated

2019 - Bentonville

An outdoor digital art exhibit for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

Prix Mondo*Dr | The Americas – Parks & Attractions | 2020

When Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art wanted to bring a nighttime attraction to their mile-long North Forest trail, they asked Moment Factory to develop a concept that would highlight their unique surroundings. The resulting project, North Forest Lights, is an outdoor digital art exhibit composed of five installations grounded in the human relationship to nature.

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Each piece is driven by locally inspired music and a rich colour palette that bring to light both the human and natural past of this site. Interactive technology lets visitors sing to a great red oak, while illuminated trees and a custom soundtrack invite everyone to tune in to the hidden wavelengths of the woods. From nature-inspired sculptural elements to immersive soundscapes and lighting design, each step of the experience allows people to deeply reconnect with the environment.

This project was conceived in close collaboration with the museum’s team, who provided the guidance that inspired our collective of artists, and we were thrilled to bring our technical expertise and creative vision to this celebrated cultural institution.