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Newark Liberty International Airport

A Digital Journey of Surprises Showcases the Best of New Jersey

2022 - Newark

Terminal A’s New Jersey-themed multimedia installations usher passengers from curb to gate.

  • Digital Signage Experience Awards 2023 Transportation, 2024

Moment Factory partnered with Munich Airport NJ LLC, and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to produce the Digital Journey of Surprises, an effort to enhance Newark Liberty International Airport’s newly built Terminal A.

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A key component of the largest design-build project in New Jersey history, the terminal’s permanent installations form a multimedia ecosystem that fuses with airport architecture to enhance the passenger experience.

Informed by extensive studies on spatial design and passenger behaviour, Terminal A’s key interventions  were developed to complement the site’s high functionality.The experience strikes a balance between entertaining and practical, to usher passengers along their journey from curb to gate.

Supported by custom software and a perennial content program, the smart multimedia ecosystem rewards attention without demanding it, contributing to the safe and efficient flow of traffic. To help bring this ambitious project to fruition, Moment Factory appointed experiential technology company Electrosonic.

Terminal A’s media program delivers content for locals and visitors alike. Designed to engage, inform, and instill New Jersey pride, dynamic visuals showcase the iconic people, landmarks and innovations that position the state as a world-class destination.

The Digital Journey of Surprises begins the moment travelers step inside the Departure Hall, where an animated Welcome Banner radiates New Jersey highlights. The journey continues in the Retail Hall, where the Forest of Firsts’ LED pillars offer dynamic homages to the state’s spirit of innovation. The last stage of the outbound passenger journey, the Holdrooms’ Smart Gates impart a combination of practical flight information, intuitive boarding cues, and New Jersey trivia. Landside, inbound passengers are greeted by an iconic sculpture that establishes a strong sense of place before departing the airport.

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