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An immersive journey into the world of engineering, from the 1960s to the present day, from metro tunnels to the sky.

On the occasion of the opening of its new museum, the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation asked Moment Factory to imagine a 15-minute multimedia show that would tell the compelling and complex story of the multinational Bombardier company since the passing of its founder, Joseph Armand Bombardier. The company quickly rose to a leadership position in the transportation-equipment industry thanks to its snowmobiles, subway cars and airplanes. Moment Factory also designed a multimedia-art installation for the outside walls of the museum, as a tribute to the creativity and ingenuity of the inventors who built Bombardier’s reputation. Patents dating from 1937 to the present were selected and reproduced on lenticular panels, creating the illusion of movement in each prototype.

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To complement the museum’s mission, it was important that the multimedia show recount Bombardier’s milestones, in their historic and economic context, while grabbing the viewer’s attention. To that end, Moment Factory created an innovative and immersive scenography supported by original music that fits seamlessly with the narration.

Our team wanted to bring the public inside the world of assembly lines by creating a room with an industrial look, with two walls covered entirely by digital screens hidden behind sliding factory doors. The doors open and close as a compelling visual story unfolds, accompanied by an epic soundtrack and engaging lighting effects. At key moments, images are also projected over the entire surface of a third wall to enhance the sense of immersion. By controlling the canvas in this way, Moment Factory is able to direct viewers’ attention to dynamic 3D animations (including newspaper clippings, engineering plans and vintage advertisements) that bring to life key moments in the company’s history. The result: an educational, exciting, emotionally rich journey that allows visitors to experience the history of Bombardier as if they were freely travelling through time.

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