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Elixir, Quartier des Spectacles

Canada’s Largest Outdoor Fountain Lights up

2011 - Montreal

A fabulous multimedia dance of water, light and sound delivering surprises at every angle.

Completed in 2012 and composed of 235 water jets, the fountain in the heart of Montreal’s downtown festival district is Canada’s largest. To celebrate this new installation, the Quartier des Spectacles invited Moment Factory to create a signature piece using the fountain, hoping to draw onlookers and offer a unique experience at the Place des Festivals. Being an experience to share, the show created buzz and a sense of gathering at Place des Festival as visitors discovered Montreal’s newest landmark.

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Featuring a walkway of synchronized water jets that erupt from the ground, the absence of above-ground architecture keeps the area adaptable. But how to create a light and sound experience in such a space? We decided to turn the jets of water into projection surfaces. Inspired by this idea, we developed the narrative of an encounter between a pixel of light and a drop of water, extending a small but poetic story to the macro-scale of a spectacle.

The show, visible from everywhere around the plaza, was different from each angle. From various perspectives visitors would even find hidden treasures in the fountain’s glow, encouraging many to stay and see the show multiple times. The area was made a destination, a place to visit and enjoy the night, drawing more than five times the average number of nightly visitors since 2012. This collaboration is part of a greater effort to bring life to the city-centre where through night projects like Elixir, visitors see the area shine in a whole new way.