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2022 - Doha

A creative multimedia ecosystem blends the physical and digital, elevating the passenger experience at Hamad International Airport’s latest feature: the Orchard.

  • Digital Signage Awards Large-format Digital Canvases, 2024

For Hamad International Airport’s terminal expansion, Moment Factory was tasked with creating a comprehensive digital art signature for the airport’s Orchard, the tropical garden at the heart of this biophilic concourse.

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With a digital ribbon stretching 1 kilometer across two storeys, Moment Factory aimed to amplify the sophisticated design of the concourse and unify it with the site’s spectacular natural features.

Showcasing intricate details, botanical elements and surreal graphics inspired by Qatari architecture and craftsmanship, the content capsules embody Qatar’s cultural heritage and landmarks. Each hour, every screen in the concourse synchronizes with the ribbon for a moment of magical transformation.

An innovative CMS and media delivery system designed and implemented by Electrosonic and Smart Monkeys, optimizes display quality to produce a dynamic guest experience.

The digital art installation reinforces the airport’s commitment to elegance, and is tailored to attract travelers into the terminal’s unparalleled luxury retail experience.

With the integration of this multimedia ecosystem, the expanded concourse stands as an airport oasis and a must-see for art lovers. It provides a space for travelers seeking rest, respite, and rejuvenation ahead of the next leg of their journey while inspiring curiosity in Qatar as a destination.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandra Lussier-Craig | Alexandre Michael | Alvaro Perez Del Solar | Amahl Hazelton | Andrés Auld | Angela Tanzi | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Armando Gomez | Arnaud Grosjean | Arnaud Lai Tham | Audrey Resche | Axel Hélie Fontaine | Basile Buisson | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Penaud | Benoit Roy | Bronwyn Averett | Catherine C. Villeneuve | Catherine Gaucher | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Therrien | Cécilia Gauffre | Cheryl Catterall | Chloé De Labareyre | Conner Tozier | Corentin Kieffer | Daniel Schioler | David Churma | David Richard | Elizabeth Sparks | Eloïse Bento | Emily Thorne | Esteban Chacin | Fabienne Mukoma | Fady Atallah | Florian Fouchet | Francis Gagné | François Depret | François Desrochers | Francois Gosselin | François Pellet | Geneviève Forest | Geneviève Mousseau | Gregg Stankowski | Gregory Vadnais | Ionut Ovidiu Lupu | Jean-Daniel Caron | Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jessica Leroux | Jimmy Mauchretien | Jonathan Chammas | Jordi Gauthier | Julien Bigeault | Karim Fakhoury | Karo Boily Boulay | Kiana Rivard | Kosta Zdravkovic | Laurent Tollard | Lucy Rybicka | Marc Provencher | Marc-André Monette | Maria Cuadra | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Marika Lapointe | Mateo Mazzini | Matthieu Gourd | Maude Brizard | Michèle Seguin | Mikael Charpin | Miquel Tura | Mokaram Shahrokh | Mylene Filteau | Myriam Dechamplain | Nicolas Garric | Nikola Nenov | Olivier Grant | Pascal Cousineau | Patrice Bilodeau | Paul Savluc | Pier-Luc Long | Remi St-Onge | Sandrine Prudhomme | Sebastien Berube | Shogo Kamada | Simon Methot | Sophiane Verri | Sophie Carle | Sotheary Ouk | Tara-Maria Massaad | Thibault Libert | Thibault Magni | Timothy Dormady | Vanessa Greggain-Lauzon | Véronique Tessier | Vicky Leblanc | Vincent Beaulieu | Virginie Valastro | Yohann Debarle | Zane Kozak