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Cipriani 25 Broadway

Creating bespoke multimedia experiences

2018 - New York

The majestic architecture of a lower Manhattan landmark is transformed by stunning 360° projection mapping and multimedia content.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

Moment Factory collaborated with Cipriani to define a new experience for events at 25 Broadway, an Italian neo-renaissance architectural treasure in New York City.

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We created an immersive multimedia experience that blends 360° projection mapping, architectural lighting, spatialized surround sound, and trompe l’oeil effects to completely transform the space.

To realize this vision without damaging or detracting from the landmarked building’s priceless murals, mouldings, and artwork, we 3D scanned every inch of its interior to calibrate the technology seamlessly integrated into custom-built arches.

The 60-foot vaulted ceilings, dome, alcoves, and walls of the Great Hall form a spectacular media environment with built-in entertainment and wow moments. The ambience shifts to set different moods: dinner could be framed by vibrant florals, followed by galaxies during a speech and a dance party amplified by abstract visuals.

This programmable permanent installation is animated by diverse thematic content capsules that clients can customize, sequence and layer. This intervention transforms 25 Broadway into a bespoke immersive multimedia canvas that brings rich atmospheric worlds to life.