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2020 - USA

Moment Factory collaborated with Epic Games on a live event previs project that showcases and advances the Digital Multiplex (DMX) lighting control plugin and its Unreal Engine technology.

Epic Games, leading interactive entertainment company and developer of the Unreal Engine technology, collaborated with Moment Factory on a live event previs project that uses Digital Multiplex (DMX), the industry standard in lighting control plugins. The project furthers the advancement of DMX’s capabilities, helping to extend the possibilities of previsulation, bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, and welcome the future of live entertainment experiences.

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Moment Factory’s extensive expertise in live show and concert production informed the creation of an innovative 2-minute video that immerses the viewer in a photorealistic stage design setup.

This work also contributes to the development of virtual worlds (aka “digital twins”) that complement, extend, and reinvent live events. These events connect performers and online audiences in real time, like never before.

The innovative collaboration encapsulates DMX’s ability to provide a full picture of a live production experience in the highest quality, allowing users to fully visualize a live performance. The project highlights the endless potential of the software technology industry and marks a major step towards the future of live entertainment.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Alexandra Lussier-Craig | Benoit Roy | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | Daniel Jean | Dominic Audet | Esteban Chacin | Fourat Jellouli | Gabrielle Marchand Roy | Guillaume Fournier | Isabelle Verdon | James Richardson | Jean-Baptiste Hardoin | Jean-Benoit Meunier | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jeremie Quesnel | Jonathan Chammas | Jordi Gauthier | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Magalie Desrochers | Marc Tétreault | Marianne Paradis | Mathieu Monnier | Mohamed Ashraf | Myriam Chahbi | Patrice Bilodeau | Quitterie Boissé | Simon Léveillé | Sophiane Verri | Tarik Mikou | Thibault Libert | Timothy Dormady | Victor Lagiewski| | Vincent Letellier