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Christmas Tree, Union Station

A Christmas Tree Unlike any Other

2011 - Toronto

A 30 foot interactive Christmas Tree at Union Station that glows brightly the more Christmas messages are shared online.

In 2011, Moment Factory was approached by Tribal DDB agency on behalf of Canadian Tire to collaborate on an installation that would re-energize Canadians with the holiday spirit. The goal was to infuse holiday travel at Union Station (Toronto) with thought of spending cherished time with friends and family. Conceptually, this project would be a challenge: how do we make the idea of family and friends physically present in the train station?

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To create this public holiday experience, we harnessed the power of social media, making use of web platforms. Moment Factory created a 30-foot interactive Christmas tree in the middle of Union Station fit with 3 000 programmable LEDs. “The first Christmas tree powered by Christmas spirit” came to life as holiday-inspired messages were shared online. With multi-level participation available, whether visitors were in the train station or online, data was collected and sent to the tree, triggering spirals of light in response. There were even some secret layers to the tree’s dazzling display that turned the experience into a game. Moment Factory’s in-house X-Agora Interactive Software converted messages into dazzling white, red, green, and blue displays in real-time.

As the holiday season approached, travelers experienced Christmas magic come to life in a dynamic display through interaction between digital and real worlds all across Canada.

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