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VROOM! Immersive Drive-in

An evening at the drive-in gets an immersive enhancement

2020 - Orford

Multimedia and special effects add a touch of magic to this drive-in’s programming.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

Created in collaboration with the Ciné-Parc Orford, VROOM! is a multimedia exploration that offers  audiences a unique immersive outdoor cinema experience.

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With a production timeline of just eight weeks, and within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, VROOM! was brought to life with the help of many local partners. Created to respect appropriate physical distancing and sanitary measures, VROOM! allowed audiences to get together outside, and enjoy a brand new kind of entertainment.

Highlighting a selection of short films from the National Film Board (NFB) collection, as well as the 80s cult classic Ghostbusters, the experience used special effects and multimedia content to add a touch of magic to the traditional drive-in experience.

Lights, projections mapping and lasers amplify the atmosphere around the screen, blending the movie with the surrounding woods to immerse spectators into the heart of the action.

Participants were also invited to come dressed in costume, and to stop by the Vroom-O-Maton, an interactive photo booth that placed cars and visitors right into the scene, and gave them a shareable souvenir.

Taking place over the summer, all the conditions were right for a memorable evening of collective celebration outdoors.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliey Afshar | Andrés Auld | Alberto Ramirez | Alexandra Lussier-Craig | Alexandre Lustigman | Ariane Dourig | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Auriane Falières | Aurore Leloup | Beth Sparks | Basile Buisson | Benoit Giguère | Bianka Monette | Bronwyn Averett | Bruno Destombes | Carolyne Shapiro | Catherine Gaucher | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Hardy | Catherine LeFoll | Claude Tremblay | Claudia Giguère | Conner Tozier | Cyril Gasté | Daniel Jean | David Noppen | David Richard | Dominic Audet | Dominic Rivard-Proulx | Elizabeth Sparks | Emily Thorne | Emmanuel Bastid | Erwan D'Orgeville | Filis Ann Ozkurdum | Francis Gingras | Francis Kadulick | François Desrochers | François Gosselin | Gabrielle Marchand-Roy | Gabriel Pontbriand | Hugo Daoust | Hugo Desmeules | Ismael Cosio | James Richardson | Janou Girardeau | Jean-Christophe Deschênes | Jean-François Bisson | Jean-Guillaume Platt | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jeffrey Chaussé | Jérôme Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Joel Adria | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jordi Gauthier | Joris Bourgault Paquet | Jorge Garcia | Joshua Selinger | Julie Choanière | Jonathan Russel | Karim Fakhoury | Katherine Caisse-Roy | Lena David | Louis Bressand | Lucy Rybicka | Lysianne Côté | Magalie Desrochers | Marc-André Paquet | Marc Tetreault | Marianne Paradis | Marie-Ève Pageau | Marie-Josée Houle | Marie Martineau | Marie-Pier Veilleux | Martine Lemieux | Mathieu Charlebois | Mathieu Désilets | Mathieu Monnier | Matthieu Pichette-Fournier | Maude Blais | Maxime Géraldes | Melissa Weigel | Michel Hébert | Miquel Tura | Mylène Filteau | Nadim Souaid | Nadine Law | Natalia Bojovic | Nathalie Bédard-Morin | Pamela Schneider | Patrice Poulin | Philippe Dubost | Pierre Corsy | Raphaelle Brissette | Robert Al-Rohmein | Samuel Geoffroy | Serge Tremblay | Simon Léveillé | Simon Méthot | Solveigh Dugas | Tara-Maria Massaad | Tarik Mikou | Thibault Magni | Thijs Van Hoof | Thomas Gigault | Thomas Pintal | Vincent Letellier | Vincent Rousselle | Vinh Truong | Yaël Braha | Zoë Birnbaum Charbonneau