An interactive multimedia space exalts the world of Bleu Lavande

2021 - Magog

Champs Chromatiques allows visitors to experience the lavender fields in a different way year-round.

Created in collaboration with Bleu Lavande, Champs Chromatiques is an interactive multimedia space that invites the public to immerse themselves in the colours, sounds and peaceful swaying of an infinite lavender field.

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Recently relocated to Magog, Quebec, Bleu Lavande commissioned Moment Factory to create a fun and innovative addition to its brand experience and, by extension, to the region’s tourist attractions.

Champs Chromatiques is a creative, participatory installation, where visitors are invited to cross an impressionistic lavender field projected on two large walls, surrounded by reflective surfaces that create a sense of infinity.

Upon arrival, visitors are immersed in an enveloping and soothing multimedia environment. They interact with the generative content through simple gestures, becoming the breeze that moves the sprigs. An interactive wall allows them to play and interact with the flowers—pick them up, throw them and even twirl under a shower of petals. These interactive and intuitive visuals, created using video game software, engage visitors and encourage them to share their experience on social media with an animation that simulates their own blossoming.

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