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Tonga Lumina


2017 - Mont-Tremblant

A mountainside is transformed by an unforgettable evening adventure, creating a realm of enchantment for visitors of all ages.

Mont Tremblant, an internationally renowned resort destination, approached Moment Factory to offer its visitors and locals a unique adventure that animates the forest at twilight.

We wanted to design a night walk that draws on themes from the collective imaginary, inspired by the natural wonders and legends surrounding Mont Tremblant. Visitors’ experiences begin with an ascent by chairlift toward a mythic quest to unearth the secret of Tonga. They are plunged into the giant’s mysterious realm, where multimedia illusions blend into the forest’s dense wilderness to create an immersive participatory experience.

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Telling a story in this kind of natural environment posed numerous challenges. The team needed to adapt to uncertain weather and a changing organic landscape. Technology had to be kept safe from the elements while being installed discreetly enough to maintain the experience’s otherworldly aura.

Here, visitors can let themselves fall under the spell of Tonga’s magical universe. Guided along a winding mountain path by an adventurous spirit, they follow the giant’s footsteps to discover his incredible secret.