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Leonardo's Dream, Royal Caribbean

An Adventure in the World of Da Vinci

2015 - Worldwide

A cinematic experience that plunges into Da Vinci’s complex and visionary mind.

Since 2014, Moment Factory’s first original theatrical production, Starwater has been entertaining audiences on Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) ship Quantum of the Seas. Following the success of this first collaboration, Moment Factory was invited to create a second original live show for RCI’s newly launched ship, Anthem of the Seas. Additionally, RCI tasked us with creating a series of digital vignettes that would make the most of the ship’s versatile multimedia canvas and provide continuous entertainment to guests throughout their dining experience.

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Revisiting the RCI canvas in the ship’s main lounge was an opportunity to take the entertainment potential of this technology in an entirely new direction. The space features a 100-foot wide and 20-foot tall projection backdrop as well as 6 Roboscreens, each more than 7 feet tall and connected to robotic arms. In combining mediums, our team can take never-before-seen approaches to telling a story, often finding new perspectives and ideas that were previously unimaginable.

The most stunning of the vignettes created is called Leonardo’s Dream, which plunges viewers into Leonardo da Vinci’s complex and visionary mind. Several centuries ahead of his time, he had envisioned a flying device that he never managed to successfully invent. The vignette breathes life into this flying machine and helps bring da Vinci’s dream to completion. The audience is invited aboard and whisked away on an epic journey through 15th century Rome, drifting through some of da Vinci’s thoughts, inventions and drawings. We invited composer Benoit Groulx to produce the original score, whose mixing made a modest symphony orchestra sound like a big symphony, a powerful explosion of sound and rhythm.

Leonardo’s Dream is exemplary of Moment Factory’s signature expertise in using mixed mediums to seamlessly combine live action, music, 3D animation, traditional animation, and motion design. This notion of integrating technology with art parallels da Vinci’s own work, so the vignette physically becomes an expression of da Vinci’s dreams, an epic and entertaining encounter for guests of the Anthem of the Seas.

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