MHD, “Zenith” Tour

Collaborating with Afro Trap phenomenon MHD

2018 - France

A groundbreaking tour for MHD, one of the most popular French artists on the Web

Arachnée Productions commissioned Moment Factory to design the onstage scenography and lighting for their new French rapper MHD. Our objective was to create a show equal to this emergent artist’s charisma, as influenced by African beats as popular American hip-hop.

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We developed modular scenographic components that could be reconfigured to deliver the same intense concert experience to any venue. Our 360-degree approach brought all of the expertise required to meet diverse needs together under one roof. We delivered a high-impact production in which the artistic and technical components fuse seamlessly into vastly different contexts, from a “Zenith” of 8,000 people to a small club or even a festival.

The scenography, inspired by a soccer stadium’s entrance corridor, uses light to frame the artist on-stage. A luminous mobile overhead and string of stroboscopes frame and envelop the performers. The design was topped off by a versatile line of multipurpose lights and adjustable walkways that reinforce the dynamism of MHD’s live set. This adaptable concept enabled fans to fully experience the power of MHD’s performance from anywhere in the room.