A Commemorative Lighting Installation

2014 - Montreal

A heartfelt contribution to the memorial of the Polytechnic massacre.

December 6th is forever marked by the sad events that took place in 1989 at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. 14 women were shot and killed and another 14 injured in an act of incomprehensible violence. Today, the memory and pain from this day remain.

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On Saturday December 6th, 2014, in the presence of dignitaries and families of the 14 victims, Moment Factory helped commemorate the anniversary of this tragic event from the top of Mount Royal with an installation of light. 14 individual beams, symbolizing the power of memory and the light of each life lost, were illuminated one after the other, shooting straight upward into the night sky. The beams reached a height of 2 kilometres and were visible from all over Montreal. The prudent simplicity of the installation was a new direction for Moment Factory. However, through the many discussions and consultations preceding the installation, it was clear that a unifying symbolic action, executed with clarity and precise intention, would serve most meaningfully to honour the occasion.

The 14 beams reminded Montreal of the mournful loss of December 6th, but also acknowledged those women’s lives as a powerful beacon in the city’s collective memory. Moment Factory was honoured to be asked to make this contribution, which we hope united Montreal in offering condolences and support to the families.