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2021 - DENVER

Meow Wolf invited Moment Factory to dream up Perplexiplex, an interactive space that transforms its live performance venue into an immersive discovery experience

  • Communication Arts Interactive Competition | Environmental, 2022

Wedged at the offramp to downtown Denver, Meow Wolf’s third and largest permanent art exhibition, Convergence Station, is the entertainment collective’s most ambitious venture yet, featuring 79 installations by more than 110 local artists alongside an interactive anchor experience by Moment Factory in its live performance venue.

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Brought up for our technical and creative expertise, we worked in close collaboration with Meow Wolf to develop Perplexiplex, a surreal arboretum that visitors can influence and explore over the course of four scenes. Projections mapped onto the floor and surrounding walls transform a black-and-white forest mural created by New Mexico artist Nate Gutierrez into a flourishing interactive ecosystem. As guests first approach, it’s as if fungus germinates and releases spores they can interact with, followed by a reactive digital forest made of pixels and glitches. Neon draws guests into the next scene like characters in a surreal arboretum. As the forest gradually fills with swathes of colour, the final act entices visitors to splash digital brushstrokes across the room, almost like a life-size paint by numbers.

Intuitive visual cues and an ambient score by Sante Fe musician Cole Bee Wilson pull guests into the supernatural world and invite them to trigger enhanced effects. Underpinning the experience, innovative software developed by Moment Factory’s R&D team processes users’ actions and positions from simultaneous tracking systems around the space.

Alexandre Lupien | Alexandre Lustigman | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Arnaud Mellinger | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Camille Leclercq | Carolyne Shapiro | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Hébert | Charlotte Leclair | Christian Pelletier | Cyril Gasté | David Richard | Dominique Charbonneau | Elliot Sinyor | Ernesto Ortega | Francis Gingras | Francis Kadulick | François Desrochers | Francois Loubert-Hudon | Gregory Vagnais | Guillaume Lévesque | Hugo Desmeules | Jantana Hennard | Jerome Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jordi Gauthier | Julien Roberge | Katiana Martel | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Lena David | Lyes Belhocine | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Mariléa Rabbat | Matthieu Pichette-Fournier | Maxime Doyle | Monica Audet Michaud | Nadim Souaid | Pascal Michel | Pierre Corsy | Roslane Moussouni | Sarah Tordjman | Simon Léveillé | Sophiane Verri | Stephane Raymond | Steven Beliveau | Vincent Beaulieu