Kiss, Final Show, End of the Road Tour

A larger-than-life farewell for the band’s last-ever live performance

2023 - New York

Moment Factory teamed up on the creative direction of Kiss's final encore, marking the band's passage into a new digital era.

Teaming up with Pophouse Entertainment and JOCOUP Creative, Moment Factory proudly collaborated for KISS’ ultimate surprise handover onstage to their new digital avatars at Madison Square Garden on December 2nd, marking the culmination of the End of the Road world tour and concluding 50 years of live performance.

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Embracing Kiss’s iconic high-impact theatrics, the creative mandate for the encore moment included adjustments to the tour’s original stage design, custom content creation, additional scenic production, as well as sound design.

The mandate also extended to the scenic production of large-scale roll drops suspended over the arena crowd for projections. To ensure seamless integration of all elements, the studio worked closely with the tour team to adapt the original stage design and Industrial Light & Magic for cohesive content development.

Fans from around the world tuned in to a live stream of the concert, catching a last glimpse of the musicians before vanishing into smoke that engulfed the entire stage and heroically re-emerging as avatars.

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