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Interactive basketball court

Interactive multimedia and art merge to form an immersive sports experience

2019 - Montreal

The Moment Factory R&D team combines project mapping and tracking of real-time movement to create a unique interactive sports experience inspired by basketball.

Moment Factory’s R&D team has developed an interactive sports experience, with technological support from Panasonic, that enhances athlete performance while amplifying the spectator experience.

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Moment Factory set out to integrate seamless real-time motion capture and projection mapping innovations into live sports events and activities including physical training, where the concepts of precision and physical performance are key.

Rich in dynamic movement and graphics, basketball presented itself as the perfect discipline to explore, permitting us to experiment with incredibly complex, high-speed tracking situations.

We focused our research on enhancing the speed and fluidity of an athlete’s movements. Using the ball as a projection surface, tracking the court in response to displacement, and incorporating multipurpose decor elements, this innovative and interactive experience provides an augmented vision of basketball for players and spectators alike.

We see this technology as a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, augmented sports, and live events. In the context of physical training, competition, and immersive worlds, The Interactive Basketball Court is positioned to change sports forever.

Discover how we created the Interactive Basketball Court.