Starting May 25th 2019, Regalia will illuminate the Reims Cathedral. This multimedia experience created by Moment Factory highlights the legacy of Reims, a UNESCO world heritage site.

More than a sound and light show, Regalia is an emotional and sensorial journey combining the magic of video projection, music and interactivity bringing to life the most beautiful moments of the consecration of the kings of France.

“Every night, the architecture of the cathedral, the true highlight of the show, comes alive as it encounters the light”, says Jean-Baptiste Hardoin, Creative Director at Moment Factory.

The experience begins on the west façade of the cathedral with a mobile interactive game enabling the discovery of the façade’s secrets. This is followed by a video projection show visible from the square.

Art and technology in the service of heritage

But how to do justice to a heritage site as rich as Reims Cathedral?

The creative challenge for our team was to first create a delicate artistic proposal that highlights the architecture and takes the audience on an emotional journey between the ephemeral and the solid. Moment Factory has developed unique expertise in highlighting heritage architecture, first in 2012 with Ode à la Vie, the first projection show on the façade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and then in 2017 with AURA, a multimedia experience inside Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.

A new and innovative element was also developed: a mobile application that adds a participative real-time mapping dimension to the experience. As the audience engages with the interactive game, they pay close attention to the façade to find the answers revealed by the projection mapping.

A Paris based project

Regalia was created at Moment Factory’s european studio in Paris in collaboration with our teams at the Montreal office, and the project instigators, the city of Reims.