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Ode à la vie: Sagrada Familia

An ode to life and Gaudi's art work and vision

2011 - Barcelona

A light and sound masterpiece that touched the souls of Barcelona and Montreal

Moment Factory was invited by the cities of Barcelona and Montreal to create the first sound and light experience to showcase the complex and magnificent façade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Presented during La Mercè Festival in the autumn of 2012, we were tasked to honour Antoni Gaudi’s dream to see his monument in full colour. Citizens of Barcelona cherish and take cultural ownership of this iconic masterpiece; it would be essential to create an experience that would speak to their understanding of and affection for this landmark.

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As part of an extensive research into our context and Gaudi’s vision, we met with historians and church officials. Inspired by the lines, shapes, and patterns found in nature, the celebrated architect brought the flourish of the natural world to his designs. Seeking to highlight the detailed work of the façade, we traced it with the specificity of an artist’s brush using 3D projection-mapping software, then with 16 video projectors we ran the show live through Moment Factory’s in-house X-Agora playback system. With an allegorical sequence honouring the façade’s biblical 7-day creation story, we created an effect of organic evolution, including 25 moving lights beaming colour into the nighttime city. More than 32 000 locals and visitors turned out for the 15-minute show, creating a gathering worthy of the landmark’s reputation for grand and spectacular sights.

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