Each July, Illuminate Adelaide takes over the city’s top landmarks and attractions in a celebration of innovation, music, art, light and technology. With Mirror Mirror and Resonate, Moment Factory builds on the success of the sold-out two-year run of Light Cycles, an outdoor digital art experience that premiered at the festival’s inaugural edition.

Set in the viridescent Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Resonate picks up where Light Cycles left off, expanding on the illumination of nature’s secret rhythms to explore the transcendence of feeling at one with the environment. Inspired by our human capacity for emotional and physical resonance with the natural world, this original Moment Factory experience invites guests to connect with their surroundings on a two-kilometre nighttime trail through the garden’s sprawling grounds.

Across six immersive installations, a combination of lighting, projections, original soundscapes and poetry are synchronized to cultivate a resonance between body, mind, nature, and other participants. Driven by a palette of colour and harmony, each zone probes a different sense of attunement between our emotions and the environment. Along the way, guiding instructions encourage guests to actively participate and form deeper bonds with their natural surroundings.

At the Illuminate Pavilion, Mirror Mirror transports visitors to an uncanny world of colour and sound, where immersive installations are activated by their memories, movements and words. In this surreal art experience, thoughts generate poems, words become light, and gestures have the power to spark total transformations. Inspired by the mystery of the human mind and its endless creativity, Mirror Mirror’s non-linear format encourages visitors to delve into the contours of consciousness, perception and memory at their own pace as they wander through a series of interconnected spaces.

The extended Illuminate Adelaide presentation of Mirror Mirror marks the international debut of the experience, which was first unveiled in Montreal in April 2023. As a Moment Factory original creation, the installation draws on exciting discoveries, prototypes and tests conducted in the studio’s research and development labs. The final result represents the artistic vision of the studio’s creative and technical teams. Moment Factory’s creative footprint at the festival also extends to serving as this year’s Luminary Artists in Residence, including a Behind-the-Scenes in Adelaide Botanic Garden for a deep dive on our approach and creation of site-specific multimedia installations in the natural environment.

Illuminate Adelaide runs from June 28 to July 30, 2023, and offers a program of free and ticketed events for all ages. Learn more: