This year, Parc de la Gorge in Coaticook celebrates the tenth season of Foresta Lumina, the very first Enchanted Night Walk in the Lumina series of immersive experiences.

This anniversary is an opportunity to thank this longstanding partner with whom we have enjoyed an adventure brimming with magic, challenges, and wonderful success. Every season for the past ten years, we have enhanced the Foresta Lumina Night Walk to keep it at the leading edge of technology and to keep visitors enthralled.

Its impact on the region of Coaticook and its economic benefits have made Foresta Lumina a success of which we are particularly proud. That is why we wanted to celebrate this wonderful project with everyone who has contributed to it, along with the local community, whose support has been priceless. To mark this event, we have donated ten trees – one for each year of operation – to embellish the site’s reception area.

Seventeen enchanted night walks across the world, and more to come soon

Foresta Lumina has generated such an enthusiastic response that what started as a simple project became the springboard for a series of Enchanted Night Walks in various sites worldwide. It began in Québec with Nova Lumina in Chandler, Anima Lumina in Saint-Félicien, and Tonga Lumina in Tremblant. Then elsewhere in Canada with Lumina Borealis, Vallea Lumina, Terra Lumina, and Onhwa’ Lumina. And finally around the world, in Asia, France, and, more recently, the United States with Astra Lumina in Gatlinburg and in Los Angeles.

Foresta Lumina was the first in a series of seventeen Enchanted Night Walks, which is set to expand as new projects are announced in the near future.

Experience the great outdoors like never before

The distinctive feature of Lumina Night Walks is that they transform open-air sites, including parks, botanical gardens, zoos, and other natural heritage spaces, into illuminated and enchanted journeys. Thanks to the magic of multimedia technology and original narratives, most often inspired by local culture, visitors get to discover or rediscover a night-time setting in a new light.

By virtue of their creativity and evocative power, the Enchanted Lumina Night Walks inspire visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience nature in a novel way.

Success and definite economic benefits 

Lumina Night Walks have revitalized night-time tourism by breathing new life into spaces that used to lie dormant after sundown. These immersive experiences provide natural, heritage, and cultural sites with an opportunity to maximize their potential and help diversify their initial offer, while extending opening times and tourism seasons.

Foresta Lumina in Coaticook has been a huge success since its first season. More than seventy thousand visitors bought tickets in the first year – tenfold the initial estimate – thereby generating substantial economic benefits for the region. This season, Foresta Lumina is set to welcome its millionth visitor!

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