Against the Current is a free web-app experience that challenges participants to connect with Canadian art outside and inside the Art Windsor Essex’s walls.

With their personal devices, participants follow an interactive map to eight destinations across Downtown Windsor to discover artworks from different genres and eras that challenged the status quo. At each location, visitors can scan a QR code to engage with the work and play online mini-games that reveal the bold artistic strokes and imagination behind them. With each completed game, participants earn unique milestones connected to the artist’s legacy. The journey concludes with a final stop inside the gallery where one last surprise awaits.

Like the featured art and artists, Against the Current pushes the boundaries of the traditional art experience. Developed by Moment Factory, the integrated mobile journey creates new ways for people to discover and connect with art in public spaces and enables the gallery to reach audiences who may not have otherwise visited. The project marks the first activation of an ongoing collaboration between Moment Factory and the Art Windsor Essex that will unfold in a number of phases over the coming years and evolve to include immersive experiences that incorporate augmented reality.

Against the Current draws upon Moment Factory’s expertise in reimagining cultural and educational experiences through a combination of storytelling, gamification, and multimedia. Designed to spark curiosity and inspire exploration, the discovery experience makes engaging with art accessible and opens the gallery’s doors to the broader public.

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