In collaboration with Baidu AI and UCCA Lab, Moment Factory unveils a digital art exhibit for the official launch of Animistic Imagery, an exhibition at UCCA Lab, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, China.

Opening to the public on September 26th, this immersive AI art experience explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI. The exhibit introduces visitors to Duffy, the AI Artist, and welcomes them to collaborate inside her Symbiotic Studio.

This immersive space invites humans to become the AI’s muse, while projection mapping and interactive technology bring the experience to life. As Duffy captures movement generated by visitors, she draws links and connections, consulting her vast collection of colors and images. The result is an infinite series of surprising works of art.

Since its creation, Moment Factory has developed a unique artistic approach to digital artworks. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diversity of unique canvases, with projects such as Ode à la Vie on the façade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Aura at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Montreal, and SuperReal at 25 Broadway in New York. With the success of our most recent digital art exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas, honored with the mondo*dr “Americas Award”, we are proud to present this latest signature experience at UCCA Lab, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art.

For the first time, Moment Factory produced a project in a fully remote process of integration. Our Montreal studio supervised the entire process, while UCCA Lab, and our technical partner, Digital Fun, supported the on-site setup. Despite the current context, we were able to adapt to deliver a unique experience, all while ensuring the safety of our teams.

Animistic Imagery is open from September 26th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 and follows enhanced safety measures.