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Uplift, FlyOver Canada

Celebrating the Canadian People and Landscapes

2012 - Vancouver

2D and 3D animations as well as 360-degree video projection mapping in a custom architectural space hosting an immersive experience.

In 2012, Vancouver-based FlyOver Canada approached Moment Factory about creating a pre-show for their immersive multi-sensory ride that takes guests on a 6 000 km virtual flight across the Canadian landscape. They wanted to offer an intro experience that would build anticipation and contribute to the overall experience of the ride. The challenge for our studio would be to create a multimedia experience that complemented the FlyOver Canada ride without competing with the visually stunning experience of the main attraction.

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To respond to the request and parameters put forward by FlyOver Canada, we brought our expertise in multimedia storytelling to offer guests an intimate experience revealing the subtle beauty in the everyday. We created Uplift, a multimedia show highlighting the country’s people and landscapes through the stories of five Canadians and their passions. Our team created an original set design and custom architectural space. Uplift makes full use of a multifaceted canvas incorporating 2D and 3D animations as well as 360-degree video projection mapping. The concept gives the audience an up-close look into the lives of the characters with video captured in breathtaking natural and urban environments across Canada. Stories range from a forest stroll to city parkour as we follow the characters’ gaze across their landscape. Finally, the gaze turns on guests at the show as a young girl peeks at the audience through a window. We are all part of the Canadian story.

By focusing on Canadians and in particular, by zooming into the lives of five Canadians from across the country, we open visitors’ imaginations to the multitude of stories that make up our population. When flying at high altitude in their virtual experience to follow, guests have already been opened to the infinite stories that play out below and feel yet another reason to be inspired by the Canadian landscape that stitches them together from coast to coast.