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Vallea Lumina

A multimedia night walk in pursuit of hidden wonders

2018 - Whistler

An immersive adventure, to be experienced at dusk every season of the year, in a sublime mountain landscape.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

  • COMMUNICATION ARTS Interactive Competition | Environmental, 2019

Vallea Lumina is a storytelling experience in Whistler, BC, that highlights the beauty of this resort every season of the year.

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After two successful summer-autumn seasons, this enchanted night walk has been adapted for the winter season at the request of our partner The Adventure Group Whistler, with whom it was developed.

Vallea Lumina takes visitors on a journey inspired by vintage mystery tales, brought to life with seamlessly integrated multimedia, whether under a starry summer sky or in a snowy landscape. The immersive experience is tailored to highlight the Coast Mountains’ natural beauty with video projections, lighting and special effects. The night walk is enhanced by an original soundtrack that brings the story to life.

Visitors set out from a forest ranger’s basecamp and follow the tracks of two long-ago hikers toward a secret valley. Hints are tucked into posters and cryptic radio signals; stardust and sparks contain secret messages, and the refrain of a catchy campfire song promises an unforgettable supernatural spectacle.

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