The Charlevoix Casino

An Immersive and Ever-Changing Experience

2010 - La Malbaie

Combining informational, promotional and ambient content; designed and produced for a unique multimedia environment.

At the Charlevoix casino in Quebec, the Société des Casinos du Québec, a division of Loto-Québec, continues to innovate on the gaming tradition, bringing fresh ideas year after year to enhance the all-around guest experience. In 2010, the Société invited the Moment Factory team to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the facilities, taking the casino past the present and into the future. The casino wanted its guests to arrive to more than a gaming facility, to enter an enchanting space that functionally orients them and facilitates the launch of their visit.

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In response to this multi-faceted request, we designed and produced a multimedia environment for the casino’s entrance that combines informative, promotional, and ambient content in an evolving display of shifting perspectives. Upon arrival, visitors encounter the energy of the casino via a promotional wall, an interactive table, and video projection spanning 360 degrees. The centerpiece of Moment Factory’s installation is a magnificent multimedia chandelier, composed of 1920 glittering programmed pixels and 8 LED moving lights, bathing guests in a colorful ambience the instant they walk through the door. All of these elements are managed by X-Agora, Moment Factory’s in-house control-software solution.

The entrance features ambient content that in one moment, mirrors and mimics its surroundings, and in another moment whisks guests away to another world with only traces of the one left behind, inviting them forward into an afternoon or evening of pleasure. Casino patrons are enveloped in an immersive and ever-changing environment that uses light, color, and beautifully crafted content to capture their senses and imagination.