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Large Scale Interactive Games

Transforming space into an immersive playground

2019 - Dammam

Four interactive games projected on one surface that allows visitors to play collectively within an immersive environment

The annual Tanween conference was held this year with two weeks of panels, workshops, and interactive stations devoted to the theme of Play. For this event, we created PLAY², an exhibit that highlights our mission of bringing people together by taking games out of screens and into the physical world.

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To bring the conference’s theme to life, we designed four interactive multimedia games, both innovative and intuitive, that allowed visitors of all ages to play within an immersive multimedia environment. Drawing from our creative expertise, as well as our latest R&D innovations, we employed advanced tracking technology that responds to physical movements in real time. The floor was transformed into a huge arcade-style playground in which each participant ran, jumped and blocked to score points that were projected on a giant scoreboard.

Each game was designed for easy customization, in order to align with the aesthetics of any context. This feature enabled us to create a style that fit the look and feel of Tanween. The games were also scalable, so that at specific times, one game could take over the entire space, creating an opportunity for crowd collaboration and huge visual impact.

These fun, participatory augmented games offer the public a never-before-seen form of entertainment experience, creating memories through collective play.