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Opening sequences - NBA on ESPN

Interactive technology and creative content to enhance the playoffs on ESPN

2020 - United states

Moment Factory partnered with ESPN to create an interactive basketball court and shoot innovative video content for the opening sequence of the NBA playoffs broadcast

Moment Factory was contacted by ESPN to create original video content as part of the NBA Countdown’s opening sequence for the 2020 NBA playoffs and finals. In early 2020, with Panasonic’s all-new tracking system, our R&D team developed an interactive basketball court where the moving ball became a projection surface and the court interacted with the players’ movements. Using real-time content to incorporate multipurpose decor elements, the experience provided an augmented vision of basketball.

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When ESPN came across our workshop on social media, they saw a great opportunity to build up viewer engagement during the NBA playoffs broadcast. The collaboration began a few weeks before the playoffs started, which meant the project had to be done at warp speed and 100% remotely. A custom interactive basketball court was set up in our studio, where we shot dynamic content with basketball players, all in one day. The result is a bold, energetic set of sequences with impactful messages that ESPN edited with their own footage and voiced by celebrities to amplify connections with the audience.

This was a first broadcast for the real-time tracking technology used for our interactive basketball court, and we believe the possibilities for sports and live entertainment are endless.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandra Lussier-Craig | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Baptiste Olivier | Catherine Grenier | Charlotte Leclair | David Richard | James Richardson | Jean-Simon Therrien | Joel Gaudreau | Jonathan Chammas | Jordi Gauthier | Julie Roy-Lamarre | Louis Bressand | Magalie Desrochers | Marie Martineau | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Marie-Josée Houle | Mathieu Grainger | Mathieu Monnier | Pascal Champagne | Patrice Poulin | Philippe Dubost | Pierre Corsy | Ruby-Maude Rioux | Salim Lounis| Samuel Renard | Stéphane Turner | Tara-Maria Massad | Tarik Mikou | Thibault Magni | Vincent Beaulieu