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Alta Lumina

An Enchanted night walk beyond the mountains

2020 - Gets

Alta Lumina, the 12th enchanted night walk of our Lumina series, is an immersive, year-round experience designed to diversify Les Gets ski resort’s range of activities.
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For our first collaboration with Les Gets ski resort, Moment Factory was mandated to create an enchanted night walk that would respond to their diversification strategy, and increase visitor offerings across all four seasons. The creative team was inspired by the culture and local history of this Alpine village, which allowed them to create a unique experience that complements the already existing activities within the resort.

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Alta Lumina is the 12th enchanted night walk in this series, and the first to open in Europe. Alta Lumina takes place along a one-kilometer pathway where the story is told through a poetics of light, imagery, set design, and interactivity. Visitors are invited to embark on the traces of a travelling music-maker and his hot air balloon, and to follow his incredible journey beyond the mountains.

The pathway was specially designed to give visitors a rich emotional experience, where music is seen and light can be heard

Our teams were also required to adapt to the difficulties that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to deliver this project without compromising the quality of the experience. Because Lumina night walks naturally allow visitors to respect physical distancing and other sanitary measures, it was easy to ensure safety for visitors of all ages.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Dion-Proulx | Auriane Fallières | Benoit Denis | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | Catherine LeFoll | Catherine Villeneuve | Charles-Olivier Gosselin | Charlotte Leclair | Charlotte Rudelle | Chloé Robillard | Claudia Lavergne | Danielle Normandin | David Gao | David Noppen | David Richard | Dominique Charbonneau | Émilie Faubert | Emmanuel Bastid | Etienne Varin | François Desrochers | Francois Gosselin | Gael Szpak | Guillaume Fournier | Guillaume Levesque | Hadrien Bennehard | Jacques Gastebois | Jean-Baptiste Hardoin | Jean-Christophe Deschenes | Jean-Philippe Langevin | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jerome Gasselin | Jesse Ash | Jimmy Mauchretien | Jonathan Fauchon | Jonathan St-Onge | Jorge Garcia | Jordi Gauthier | Julie Boniche | Julien Roberge | Lena David | Louis Bressand | Louis Brochu | Luis Aretuo | Manon McHugh | Marc-André Baril | Marie Belzil | Marie Martineau | Marie-Claire Lynn | Martine Lemieux | Matthieu Pichette-Fournier | Michel Hebert | Myriam Chahbi | Myriam Dechamplain | Nicolas Coli | Olivier Maurice | Olivier Pageau | Olivier Schmitt | Patrice Bilodeau | Philippe Dubost | Salim Lounis | Sarah Meublat | Sarah Tordjman | Serge Tremblay | Simon Douville | Simon Garant | Solveigh Dugas | Ugo Dufour | Valerie D'Amours | Vassily Coste | Victor Lagiewski | Vincent Letellier | Xavier Drapeau-Mayer | Yan Hirschbuhl