Microsoft Kinect

Kinect Launch; A Reflection of Technology

2010 - Los Angeles

A gaming platform brought to life, inviting everyone to become a player by interacting with the environment.

In 2010 Cirque du Soleil invited Moment Factory to create visual content for Rose, a massive production they designed for the Los Angeles launch of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming platform. Together, our challenge was to offer roughly 3 000 guests at the launch an immersive multimedia and live performance demonstration of how the platform works. To do this, we set our sights on extending the platform’s fantasy world into real life, bathing the interior of LA’s Galen Center in a lush, tropical paradise.

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In order for the experience to feel live and have depth, we created numerous interactive elements for the event, integrating and extending highly-confidential visual content provided by Microsoft. On three large overhead screens, we synchronized content from the Kinect universe as a family engaged with the platform. When in sync with the family’s play, the screens felt like open windows to the Kinect universe in all its colourful imagination and mystery. Meanwhile, a life-size elephant became a projection surface as it travelled through the space, bringing an effect of the wild jungle having penetrated our world. Using overhead projection and sensors, we also created interactive virtual ponds on the floor which became a playing space for Cirque du Soleil performers. From 360 degrees around participants, the Kinect universe peered into the Galen Center through interactive portals. Through these portals, the fantasy jungle of Kinect and the surreal world of Rose shared a porous exchange, creating a sense of wonder and possibility.

For guests, the launch of Kinect became an interactive reflection of the technology itself, which responds to the player’s shadow. Whether the world of Kinect springs into ours, or we jump into the world of Kinect, guests were offered an experiential introduction to the experience, the immersive fantasy, and the broad potential of this new platform.