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Holt Renfrew

Christmas Imagined by Holts

2015 - Toronto

An animated window display to decorate Holt Renfrew's storefront, welcoming guests with warm and colourful holiday classics.

In what is now a holiday tradition, Holt Renfrew again commissioned Moment Factory to create a digital, animated window display for their Yorkdale flagship store. “Christmas Imagined by Holts” sees Holt Renfrew transformed into a fantasy full of whimsy and awe.

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The digital façade story begins on a snowy Christmas morning in a larger-than-life dollhouse. As in the kingdom of the Nutcracker, Moment Factory has created a magical world in which characters come to life and are excitedly decorating the house for the Christmas party. As evening approaches, the glittering lights on the Christmas tree, and all the twinkling ornaments, invite the spirits of the holiday season to join the festivities.

To create this experience for holiday shoppers, Moment Factory fused animation with traditional craftsmanship: a miniature house constructed in delicate detail, as well as handmade characters and various real props, were filmed in stop-motion animation. Shadow Puppet Theater-like shapes reminiscent of the handmade decorations adorning the family Christmas tree animate the scenes. In this unique mixed media collage, everything springs delightfully to life.

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