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Emporium Bangkok

Highlighting Bangkok's finest luxury Quartier

2015 - Bangkok

A sophisticated mapping show for the launch of the futuristic looking EM Quartier, highlighting the chic nature of the architecture.

Bangkok is home to an increasing number of luxury shopping centres, among them the recently expanded Emporium District, featuring the new EM-Quartier building. Moment Factory was hired by Thailand-based company The Mall Group to create a projection mapping installation to celebrate the grand opening on May 29, 2015.

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With more luxury shopping destinations on the rise in Bangkok, part of our challenge in helping organizers introduce this new addition to the Emporium District was in defining EM-Quartier as a shopping experience unlike any other. Leading the Moment Factory team, our Creative Director worked with a Montreal-based composer as well as a local choreographer to create content that captured the shopping destination’s unique brand and personality. Inspiration for the project was also drawn from the futuristic lines of EM-Quartier’s architecture. The six-minute show played for four nights of the launch festivities, drawing crowds of curious onlookers toward the Emporium and creating a sense of anticipation and excitement to discover the new section of the mall.

The opening of EM-Quartier marked the arrival of many new luxury brands to Thailand. As Bangkok’s high-end fashion district expands, retailers are seeking new ways to attract and entertain a worldly clientele. The mapping show we created for The Emporium District was aimed at attracting a sophisticated clientele of well-heeled expats, tourists, and locals. Moment Factory’s approach, to dig deep in understanding a brand’s philosophy and personality and then create original, beautiful content that makes intelligent use of existing architecture added a magical touch that could enchant even the most discerning shoppers.