2022 - Vancouver

Arc’teryx and Moment Factory teamed up to present the outdoor apparel brand’s Winter 2022 collection with an immersive multimedia experience.

In collaboration with Moment Factory, Arc’teryx celebrated the Vancouver launch of its Winter 2022 collection with a multi-sensory event, bringing the alpine adventure community together in the outdoor apparel company’s founding city. Over three days, brand enthusiasts were invited to preview Arc’teryx’s latest range of high-performance outerwear amid mountainscapes brought to life with seamless multimedia effects on a set designed by Moment Factory and built by Astound.

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Guests get their first glimpse of Arc’teryx gear as they step through the entrance curtain. Made from shell jackets upcycled by the company’s Rebird program, quilted panels depict alpenglow flushed peaks under a turquoise sky. After crossing a palette-cleansing whiteout corridor, the curtains part to reveal a large 270° curved screen enveloping a large room with reflective black floors. Rising up from the set’s rugged terrain, suited-up mannequins stand atop podiums. Suspended above them, five featured products shine on full display under dramatic top-down spotlights.

Interacting with the physical gear, five video capsules weave 3D renderings, studio footage and stop motion together to highlight innovative features and functions. In between cycles, nighttime mountain scenes, colourful dancing auras, and and sonic soundscapes set a chill backdrop for hanging out. On opening night, dynamic lights and visuals set the mood with a DJ set.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Spanoudis | Alvaro Perez Del Solar | Amahl Hazelton | Amina El Assad | Amy Chartrand | Andrés Auld | Audrey Resche | Aurélie Lauzon Potts | Benjamin Dupont | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Penaud | Bianka Monette | Briana Larson | Bronwyn Averett | Camille Kauffer | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Therrien | Cécilia Gauffre | Chloé De Labareyre | Christian Pelletier | Conner Tozier | Corentin Kieffer | David Richard | Ernesto Ortega | Erwann Bernard | Esteban Chacin | Fabienne Mukoma | Florian Fouchet | Francis Clement | Francis Gingras | François Beauvais | François Depret | François Pellet | Geneviève Forest | Geneviève Mousseau | Gregory Vadnais | Guillaume Borgomano | Jamie Reilly | Jean Laurin | Jean-Benoit Meunier | Jeffrey Joseph | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chammas | Julien Roberge | Juliette Derkaoui | Karine Gagnon | Karo Boily Boulay | Kun Chang | Laurence Pasteels | Marc Tétreault | Maria Cuadra | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Marie-Josée Houle | Marie-Pier Veilleux | Marieve Deschamps | Maryse De Lottinville | Matei Georgescu Paquin | Mathieu désilets | Mathieu Monnier | Matthew Palmer | Maxime Doyle | Maxime Geraldes | Michèle Séguin | Maxime Girault | Miquel Tura | Mylène Filteau | Myriam Dechamplain | Pamela Schneider | Patricia Tremblay | Paul Chinnery | Rémi St-Onge | Serge Tremblay | Shogo Kamada | Simon Garant | Simon Léveillé | Sonia Seninck | Sophiane Verri | Sophie Carle | Sophie Charbonneau | Sophie Midavaine | Sotheary Ouk | Stéphane Lemay | Susanna Jones | Tara-Maria Massaad | Timothy Dormady | Vicky Leblanc | Vincent Letellier | Zane Kozak