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An augmented multiplayer experience featuring six interactive games

2023 - Montreal

Multimedia innovation powers life-sized, interactive games at the Montreal Casino.

The Montreal Casino enlisted Moment Factory to enhance its entertainment offering with an innovative and playful activity. Fusing multimedia and videogame technology, ARcade is an immersive experience featuring six games, each combining motion-detection, projection technology, and videogame mechanics. Players are thrust into the action, using their bodies to control the experience. There’s no need for headsets or handsets to play – they just need move.

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Bringing this concept to the Montreal Casino for the first time, the general public can now experience a new way of playing through an original blend of multimedia, interactivity, innovation, and human connection. This new generation of gaming by Moment Factory embraces the studio’s vision of bringing people together in physical venues to take part in one-of-a-kind experiences.

ARcade by Moment Factory is a multipurpose solution that can be deployed and tailored to a broad range of sites seeking to diversify their entertainment offering, like the Montreal Casino.

Opening hours and reservation information can be found on the Montreal Casino website.