The Moxy Hotel San Diego

FLOW, a digital installation creates an iconic statement

2019 - San Diego

A 10-story custom-made light fixture uses fully programmable LED pendants to add dramatic ambience throughout the Moxy Hotel San Diego.

When Moxy Hotels sought to create an iconic visual statement in the atrium of their San Diego location, they asked Moment Factory to design a digital installation that would align with the brand’s unique approach to creating modern and fun boutique hotel environments.

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To add a dramatic focal point that could be seen from all rooms, as well as common spaces, we created FLOW, a 10-story custom-built installation composed of steel hoops that hold a network of suspended LED pendants. Inspired by the San Diego Bay and the movement of water, the flowing colors of its lighting design evoke the power of individual droplets that come together to form a stream. This dynamic installation evolves throughout the day and night, with light moving toward the sky, creating a reverse waterfall effect.

For this project, we worked closely with the hotel’s architects to ensure that this massive volumetric fixture would stand as an integral part of the atrium and establish a link between the indoor ambience and the city outside. A custom control system was also created to make sure this installation was fully programmable and to allow the Moxy Hotel team to customize all lighting with a simple app for special events, or holidays.