SKATEMAPP, a collective multimedia experience

Sports and augmented reality in public space

2019 - Montreal

A collective experience and friendly challenge merging projection mapping & interactivity.

For the 4th edition of projection mapping festival MAPP_MTL, Moment Factory created an immersive experience called SKATEMAPP, developed in collaboration with POP Montreal and the Association Skateboard Montréal. The public was invited to a block party and friendly skateboard competition at the Mile-End Skatepark, testing out a variety of augmented sports experiments developed by our R&D team.

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This immersive experience merged tracking technology, projection mapping and augmented reality, creating a physical and virtual experience for the skaters, and inviting spectators to influence the course of the game. Our team transformed the skatepark with a layer of multimedia—skate tracks and obstacles were projected onto the ground and immersive visuals followed the players’ movement in real-time.

Through an augmented reality application created for the event, spectators could participate, using their cellphones to vote for their favourite teams or select the next song. They also had the power to impact the competition, sending emojis onto the track—virtual obstacles that increased the challenge and bonus points to be collected, just like in a video game!