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Work Life at PENN 1

Transforming a corporate space into a connected campus

2021 - New York

Art and innovation come together to create a modern workplace with a unique voice and identity

Moment Factory partnered with real estate investment company Vornado Realty Trust to reimagine the user experience at PENN 1. Together, we merged world-class art and innovative technology to provide the corporate space with its own unique voice and identity.

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A once typical office lobby has been transformed into a future-forward destination that ushers in a modern and balanced lifestyle, aligned with the current integration of flexible workspace in Midtown Manhattan.

Each multimedia zone serves its own unique purpose, while contributing to a seamless user journey. Iconic installations include the Social Stair, a connected gathering place featuring horizontal screens that immerse guests in dynamic content and animated widgets, and the Grand Stair, an interactive staircase that connects the lobby to the Social Stair, and includes messaging, animation and reactions in response to individual footsteps.

All zones and media content are in constant conversation, united by an advanced internal operations system. Real-time and interactive multimedia generates dynamic content that evolves over the course of the workday, and throughout the year.

Together, these zones form a connected campus that enriches work life, generates a collective energy, fosters social engagement, promotes productivity, and simply inspires all who enter.

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