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Wonderbox at Paradise City Korea

A fresh multimedia take on themed attractions

2019 - Incheon

Immersive multimedia worlds transport visitors into an imaginative twist on the classic carnival inside the Paradise City Wonderbox.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

  • THEA Awards | Family Entertainment Center, 2020

Paradise Sega Sammy invited Moment Factory to help them push the boundaries of themed attractions inside their new high-concept luxury resort complex, Paradise City in Incheon, Korea. This rich collaboration produced the Wonderbox, an indoor family entertainment theme park that conjures the magic and mystery of vintage carnivals.

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As executive content producer, we created and curated content that activates this innovative experience. We used multimedia to cast a layer of enchantment over funfair rides and interactive games, transporting visitors into an imaginative universe filled with candy pirates, musical cities, and magical creatures.

Seamlessly integrated multimedia tools created a playful landscape, while interactive games and visuals let guests influence the world around them. We created cinema-quality 3D animated video for the massive, unconventionally shaped convex screens we designed to tuck into the contours of rides and enrich the immersiveness of the ambience.

Building on our extensive expertise working with new and existing IPs in theme parks around the world, environmental storytelling harmonized visitors’ journeys through the Wonderbox to offer them a new kind of themed entertainment experience.

Moment Factory wants to thank Paradise Sega Sammy and their incredible collaborators:

– C2 Artechnology

– Kunyang trading co., ltd.

– Sigong Tech

– McCANN Worldgroup

We’re also grateful to our amazingly talented collaborators:

– Troublemakers

– Agora VFX

– Gimmick Studio

– Frima Studio

– MELS Studios

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