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Flagship Staircase, Videotron

Shinning from Inside Out

2011 - Montreal

A multimedia installation along the staircase, bold from the inside and yet inviting from the outside.

Bold yet inviting, bright and innovative, Videotron’s new flagship store stands out day and night on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal. A spacious and open retail design invites customers to discover the communications provider’s rich network of products and services. Videotron approached us about producing graphic content for a central feature of the space’s design: an impressive 25-step LED staircase leading to the second floor. Each step’s vertical face is lined with an LED screen surface, making for a luminous and dynamic display.

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At once an architectural statement and a brand marquee, the staircase is visible from the street outside the store and functions to keep the brand alive and inviting 24 hours a day. For this project, we looked to the brand’s message of communication and connection to create playful and captivating vignettes, as well as an iconographic language that uses moving patterns to spell out an evolving message. The content seamlessly transitions between the physical architecture of separate steps and a complete video surface, a magical sight capable of catching attention from the street.