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The Pandora Garden

Amplifying brand experience with an interactive installation on the high line

2019 - New York

Pandora launches its Spring 2019 collection with an interactive butterfly garden designed to celebrate the spring awakening and create engagement.

  • COMMUNICATION ARTS Interactive Annuals Awards | Environmental, 2020

How do you create a multimedia experience that uses digital content to evoke natural beauty? With butterflies, of course! For Pandora, we created an immersive, interactive space on the bustling New York City High Line, designed to exemplify the fresh, whimsical charm of this iconic jewelry brand’s spring 2019 collection.

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Over the course of three days, more than 7,000 visitors stepped into Pandora Garden, a tribute to spring awakening. Inside, two large LED walls showed a verdant world that was complemented by reflective surfaces throughout, giving the entire space a feeling of infinity. In this environment digital butterflies reacted to visitor movement, following the sweep of a hand, or perching on shoulders. Created using a game engine, these interactions were designed to be highly intuitive, so that everyone could move naturally and have fun.

With a short production turnaround, it was vital to work in close collaboration with Pandora, in order to streamline production and align our creative expertise and resources with their brand’s vision. This successful project exemplifies the kind of experiences that can create impactful live engagement along with deep social media reach: over 2,9M impressions on Instagram of event-generated content.