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Sakuya Lumina

An enchanted night walk at Osaka Castle

Sakuya Lumina opens a luminous portal to the future in Osaka Castle Park

Drawing inspiration from the local culture of Osaka—its neon colours, humour and vibrance—this Lumina night walk invites visitors to see Osaka Castle Park in a totally new way. Illuminated by the city’s forward thinking and avant garde spirit, Sakuya Lumina transforms Osaka’s most iconic location into a world of wonder unlike anything Osakans could have imagined.

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From the very beginning of the project, the creative team collaborated closely with our partner, Yoshimoto, as we sought to create a futuristic journey that would capture the City’s wild and creative side, while also appealing to a universal audience. For over a year, our team of artists and digital magicians were hard at work crafting a world full of quirky characters and fun interactive activities. Visitors follow the adventurous Akiyo and her fantastical new friends, Balun, Pulpo and Mariposa on their quest to reopen a portal to the future. Along the way everyone gets to join in the fun and help this zany band of characters complete their mission thanks to a variety of interactive installations. All it takes to join in is a little joy, and a smile!