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Centennial Ball, Royal Ontario Museum

When Light, Architecture and Art come Together

2014 - Toronto

An immersive, one-night experience that transformed the museum into a kaleidoscopic wonderland

Art, architecture, and light came together within Moment Factory’s multimedia installation at the Royal Ontario Museum’s Centennial Ball. For this final event of its 2014 centennial celebrations, the ROM commissioned the Montreal-based new media studio to create and execute an immersive, one-night only experience that transformed the museum into a kaleidoscopic wonderland. Highlights included an exterior light show, and inside, a generative art piece and audio-reactive visuals generated live by performing musicians.

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While two violinists, a DJ and a percussionist performed, their music stimulated beautiful imagery built on color, light, movement, and texture.

The real stars of the ball were the eight artifacts transformed by Moment Factory into a generative art piece projected onto a giant screen. Moment Factory’s artists created high-quality video treatments that gave each artwork a new and ever-changing kaleidoscopic look, generated in real time and inspired by the building’s architecture.