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2022 - Paris

Guests at the Paris edition of Moët & Chandon’s signature savoir-fête series entered a world of effervescence brought to life with multimedia.

In the heart of Paris, renowned champagne house Moët & Chandon chose the Palais Brongniart as the surprise setting for a soirée in anticipation of its 280th anniversary. To produce a luxurious ambience fit for the occasion, event agency Black Lemon invited Moment Factory to bring the brand’s “Effervescence” concept to life through the magic of projection mapping, digital content, lighting, and sound.

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As guests entered the monumental space, particles of light danced across arches and cascaded down columns. Roger Federer, Natalie Portman, and Vincent Cassel were among those on hand as President and CEO Berta de Pablos-Barbier took the stage to make a toast. As glasses chinked, botanic themes inspired by Moët’s campaign artwork unfolded across the hall, amplifying the celebration.

From culinary service to live performance, guests were transported through the evening’s programming with ambiences designed to shape the mood. Digital content inspired by Moët’s Rosé Impérial made the space glimmer in hues of pink for a performance by Belgian pop star Angèle. Then, an illustrious gold swept the space as disco icon Gloria Gaynor burst into an explosive rendition of “I Will Survive.” For the finale, the palatial venue was transformed into a nightclub for a set by DJ Kungs. In all, Moment Factory’s multimedia programming helped to evolve the space with the growing energy of the evening.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Adrien Zumbihl | Alessia Simo | Amy Chartrand | Andrés Auld | Audrey Resche | Aurélie Lauzon Potts | Basile Buisson | Belén Diaz Ripa | Benjamin Le Talour | Benoit Denis | Benoît Giguère | Briana Larson | Catherine Grenier | Claire Dubois | Corentin Kieffer | David Richard | Emanuela Papone | Emily Thorne | Erwann Bernard | Esteban Chacin | Fabienne Mukoma | Fady Atallah | Florian Fouchet | François Beauvais | François Depret | François Desrochers | François Morel | Gaël Szpak | Geneviève Forest | Geneviève Mousseau | Gregory Vadnais | Guy Laflamme | Hadrien Bennehard | Ismael Cosio | Jamie Reilly | Jean-Benoit Meunier | Jean-François Bisson | Jeffrey Chausse | Jessica Leroux | Joel Adria | Jonathan Chammas | Julie Boniche | Julien Roberge | Juliette Derkaoui | Karine Gagnon | Karo Boily Boulay | Kevin Labrie | Laurent Tollard | Manuel Galarneau | Marc Tétreault | Maria Cuadra | Marie-Pier Veilleux | Marieve Deschamps | Mariève Séguin | Maryse De Lottinville | Mathieu Monnier | Matthew Palmer | Maxime Doyle | Maxime Geraldes | Michèle Séguin | Miquel Tura | Mylene Filteau | Myriam Dechamplain | Nicolas Coli | Olivier Maurice | Olivier Schmitt | Pamela Schneider | Patricia Tremblay | Sara El Bain | Sarah Lachance | Sonia Seninck | Stéphane Lemay | Susanna Jones | Vassily Coste | Véronique Tessier | Vicky Leblanc | Vincent Masson