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Microsoft Flagship Store Holiday Campaign

One concept, three custom digital experiences

2019 - Sydney, New York, London

High-quality 3D creative content enhances and extends Microsoft’s holiday spirit beyond the physical boundaries of retail space

Moment Factory’s creative collaboration with Microsoft Store continues, with the production of a new, immersive experience that reimagines the retail space and extends the consumer-brand connection.

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For this project, we created a Holiday capsule to support the Microsoft Store Holiday campaign across their three flagship stores – Sydney, New York and London – located in high-traffic, high-profile shopping locations.

Our challenge was to create a single overarching concept that would complement each location’s culture and distinct architecture. Microsoft wanted their stores to be part of the communities’ holiday celebration, yet stand out from surrounding décor.

High-quality 3D animation was used to create a visual narrative and an illusion of space with lights mimicking the surroundings in a dance of movement and colour. The content was customized to fit the architecture of each location, playing with the screens’ 360° potential and creating virtual spaces beyond physical boundaries.

Each immersive retail experience delivered impactful moments that captivated store visitors and passersby alike. Our holiday content was further extended, by creatively adapting it to the new year celebrations, allowing Microsoft to run its campaign all the way through January.