Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z, Legends of the Summer Tour

One of the biggest stadium tours in 2013

2013 - North America

Delivering a fast-track project with two of the busiest artists in the world.

After working on Jay Z’s show at Carnegie Hall in 2012, Moment Factory was contacted by Roc Nation and Willo Perron to join them in creating one of the biggest stadium tours of summer 2013: Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s Legends of the Summer. Moment Factory was tasked to create original video content to highlight the artists’ performance onstage and maximize the impact of Willo’s stage concept: a sizeable all-red design of layered LED arches.

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Given that we had only a week to start prepping for this fast-track production, it was clear we had to hit the ground running. Working for two of the busiest artists in the world, we rotated a tight cycle of in-house shoots in order to get content to Jay Z and Justin Timberlake for approval. Some of the scenes featured complex optical illusions with 3D projection-mapping, so we needed to work fast to keep production on track.

Working with Willo’s unique set meant we had a particular canvas to start with. We were inspired by the intense emotions connected to the colour red; passion, love, and anger. Working closely with Willo, we developed a storyline in five acts that would take audiences on a journey as they experienced the concert. The result was a show that both kept the artists front and center as live performers and amplified their personalities, filling the whole stadium with their presence.

Behind the scenes