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Jacques-Cartier Bridge illumination
Montreal’s Energy, Illuminated
2017 - Montreal
An urban data-responsive light installation engineered to reflect the digital pulse of the city.
Many Montreal visionaries have dreamed of seeing the Jacques Cartier Bridge’s magnificent structure beautifully illuminated. When the bridge was built nearly a century ago, a lighting signature worthy of its engineering was not possible. We joined with six local partners to fulfill the dream for this architectural crown jewel and iconic Montreal landmark. It is a project made possible by the conjunction of Montreal’s 375th anniversary and Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017.

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A project directed by Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated. A concept by Moment Factory. In collaboration with : : Ambiances Design Productions, ATOMIC3, Éclairage Public / Ombrages, Lucion Média, Réalisations and UDO Design.
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A collaborative approach

It was clear from the start that collaboration would be essential to the success of such an ambitious initiative. That’s why we began by inviting Montreal’s top architectural lighting and multimedia studios to evaluate this innovative project’s feasibility. After a round of initial discussions, six companies decided to join us to take on the challenge: Ambiances Design Productions, Atomic3, Ombrages/Éclairage Public, Lucion Média, Réalisations and UDO Design. Our shared goal: to give Montreal a luminous signature and a showcase for the city’s creativity and engineering.

Living Connections: a flagship project for creative Montreal

The concept for Living Connections emerged from our collective desire to pay tribute to one of Montreal’s great historic structures and architectural jewels, the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Already an iconic landmark by day, the bridge now awakes as the sun sets, marks the arrival of a new day at midnight, and goes to sleep at daybreak. It is a unifying symbol of the city, activated by the millions of human and natural connections that make up the city’s pulse.

Interactive light installations: an expression of local vitality

The illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge expresses Montreal’s Living Connections in two ways: through the seasons, as the bridge’s interior ‘heart’ is illuminated with one of 365 colours in the chromatic calendar; and through Montreal’s energy, displayed on the bridge’s exterior ‘skin’ through animated light particles. The speed, intensity and density of the particles will vary daily in connection with real-time data: weather, traffic, news and Montreal’s mood.

The world’s first networked bridge

Beyond simple illumination, Montreal ingenuity and engineering have come together to create the world’s first networked bridge. Live data from the city is aggregated and interacts with the bridge in real-time: a world first. In this way, investment in the Living Connections project showcases Montreal’s entrepreneurs and creative leaders at the head of an international wave of innovation. The project empowers Montreal to broadcast its identity and creative expertise to a world seeking smart-city solutions.

Behind the scenes