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Hong Kong International Airport


2022 - Hong Kong

The transformation of Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport enhances the passenger experience by celebrating the spirit of the city.

  • Galaxy Awards | Special Events | Digital Installation, 2022

  • Digital Signage Awards | Public Spaces, 2023

  • MONDO-DR Awards | Transport & Built Environment, 2023

Hong Kong International Airport serves as a leading global travel hub and the main gateway to the city. Airport Authority Hong Kong collaborated with Moment Factory to enhance key moments of the traveller journey in Terminal 1 with multimedia features designed to capture the multi-faceted essence of the city.

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The Journey of Discovery begins at the center of the Meeters and Greeters Hall where the Crystal Elevator greets both arriving and departing travellers. Its prismatic glass facade opens to reveal 8 thematic videos that open a window into the city, from a sweeping tour of landmarks crafted from paper, to an arcade crane game played with 3D toy versions of beloved local cartoon characters.

At opposite ends of the hall, twin Waterfall Gardens encourage moments of zen with the soothing sights and sounds of nature. Designed to reward relaxation, the interactive ecosystem springs to life as people grow still.

Capping off the journey, Totems of Joy at each departure gate offer a friendly goodbye with destination-based ‘travel selfie’ prompts.

Our approach to driving passenger experience innovation is based on the principle that ‘sense of place’ anchors connection and creates memories. Combined, these multimedia features contribute to a uniquely Hong Kong personality and a playful ambience.