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2022 - Paris

Interior design, digital content, lighting and sound design create multimedia environments that transport guests into an immersive storyworld.

  • Hospitality ON Awards | Best Hospitality Concept, 2022

  • Blooloop Innovation Awards | Immersive Experience, 2022

  • AV Awards | Leisure and Hospitality, 2023

  • CODA Awards |  Hospitality Merit, 2023

When global investment manager Schroders sought to reinvent one of its hotels with a new identity, they asked Moment Factory to collaborate on its transformation.

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The creative approach was inspired by Moment Factory’s work in themed attractions and experience adapting immersive design practices for a variety of industries.

Merging hospitality and entertainment, the hotel now offers an engaging multimedia experience to new and returning guests throughout their stay. Interior design, digital content, lighting and sound design create multimedia environments that transport guests into an immersive storyworld.

Under Moment Factory’s creative direction, Tétris Design & Build gave life to this scenography and Maison Numéro 20 took charge of the decoration of these reinvented spaces.

The Grand Magic Hotel experience begins the very moment guests pass through its dynamic revolving door, and step inside a themed lobby that envelops them in wonder. Fantastical architectural effects and illusions reveal surprises for guests to discover, and provide a glimpse into the show-stopping moments to come.

The hotel’s main attraction is The Grand Hall, a gathering place that evolves all throughout the day to reach the height of its powers at nightfall. It is then that multimedia content transforms the venue into four unique worlds: a living garden landscape, an enchanted forest come nightfall, a majestic underwater world, and an ethereal wonderland high above the clouds.

The Grand Magic Hotel elevates guest experience and transforms any stay into an unforgettable immersive exploration.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Adrien Zumbihl | Alberto Ramirez | Alexandra Lussier-Craig | Alexandre Lupien | Alexis Bluteau | Alexis Doyon-Lacroix | Alvaro Perez Del Solar | Amina El Assad | Andrés Auld | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Arnaud Grosjean | Arnaud Lai Tham | Arnaud Mellinger | Audrey Resche| Axel Hélie Fontaine | Benjamin Le Talour | Benoit Denis | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Penaud | Benoit Roy | Catherine Emond | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Hébert | Catherine Therrien | Charlotte Leclair | Corentin Kieffer | Cyril Gasté | Danielle Normandin | David Richard | Dominique Charbonneau | Émile Grégoire | Emilie Hudon | Emily Thorne | Emmanuel Bastid | Esteban Chacin | Etienne Varin | Filis Ann Ozkurdum | François Depret | François Desrochers | Francois Gosselin | François Pellet | Frédéric Bégin | Gael Szpak | Genevieve Quenneville | Gregg Stankowski | Guillaume Cavaliere-Beranek | Hugo Desmeules | Ionut Ovidiu Lupu | Isabelle Verdon | Jean Laurin | Jean-François Bisson | Jean-Loïc Fontaine | Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic | Jeffrey Chausse | Jerome Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Jimmy | Mauchretien | Joel Adria | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Serret | Jordi Gauthier | Joshua Selinger | Julie Boniche | Julien Roberge | Karim Fakhoury | Karo Boily Boulay | Katiana Martel | Kun Chang | Laurent L Tollard | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Laurent Tollard | Lucy Rybicka | Lyes Belhocine | Marc Tétreault | Marc-Andre Baril (MF9) | Marc-André Monette | Marie Martineau | Marie-Audrey Campion | Marie-Josée Houle | Marika Lapointe | Martine Lemieux | Maxime Faure | Maxime Geraldes | Mokaram Shahrokh | Myriam Chahbi | Myriam Dechamplain | Nadim Souaid | Nicolas Coli | Olivier Schmitt | Patrice Bilodeau | Pierre Corsy | Pierre Maumont | Remi St-Onge | Ryan Marshall | Samuel Renard | Sarah Cloutier-Hébert | Serge Tremblay | Simon Garant | Simon Léveillé | Sophie Linichenko | Sotheary Ouk, CPA, CA | Stephane Raymond | Thibault Libert | Thibault Magni | Thomas Pintal | Timothy Dormady | Uma Arora | Vanessa Bousquet | Vincent Beaulieu | Vincent Letellier | Vincent Rousselle | Virginie Valastro | Xavier Drapeau-Mayer | Ysella Gibson-Lobb | Zane Kozak