2021 - Las Vegas

For FlyOver Las Vegas, Moment Factory upped the ante by creating a landmark pre-show experience with an adaptable set and scenographic design

With the Strip as its runway, FlyOver Las Vegas marks the third collaboration between Moment Factory and global attractions provider Pursuit. The immersive flight experience sends guests soaring over expansive landmarks of the wild west.

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Building off of the success of its FlyOver experiences in Vancouver and Reykjavík, FlyOver Las Vegas ups the ante by doubling capacity with two 40-person theaters. To accommodate an evolving programming, Moment Factory designed a set and scenography that allows Pursuit to adapt the experience for each show.

To amplify pre-departure anticipation, we worked in close collaboration with FlyOver’s creative director Rick Rothschild to develop a cinematic boarding and pre-show experience to The Real Wild West ride. As visitors trickle into the boarding area, sprawling vistas and ambient sound effects set the stage for the main event, much like the title sequence of a classic western film.

Guests are then ushered along raised platforms into a circular room for a panoramic, six-minute pre-show projected across 360° wraparound walls and a central, hanging medallion. Set to a stirring original score by multi-platinum composer Thomas Holkenborg, rollicking animations chronicle the booms and busts of the American West. Sweeping in scope, the multimedia production relies on extensive research to paint an accurate portrait of the region’s diverse landscapes and communities and offer meaningful overtures to the flight experience.

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