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The Super Bowl XLIX's connected experience

Connected Life dans WhosGonnaWin at Super Bowl

2015 - Phoenix

Illuminated by using dazzling sequences of light in the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots colors, Phoenix beamed with the magic of the Super Bowl.

In the context of the Super Bowl XLIX’s celebrations in 2015, Moment Factory was called upon by Wasserman Media to design two installations. The first, “Connected Life”, was created inside Super Bowl Central to amaze, immerse and inform visitors about connected lifestyle applications and technologies. An interactive wall outside the “Connected Life” immersive room also provided a responsive glimpse of the experience found inside. The second installation, “WhosGonnaWin”, was an outdoor projection mapping show that used hashtag data collected on social media to alter the visuals. The finale of the show depended on which team won the battle for votes on social media.

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The “Connected Life” installation immersed fans in their sport’s world. An interactive wall guided them to a room with 360° projections and 6.1 surround sound. Equipped with custom software that identifies individual users via their smartphone, it became possible to present them with Verizon’s exciting connected lifestyle products.

Moment Factory wanted to create excitement and to enhance the sense of competition amongst football fans by designing a mapping and data visualization show to highlight the “WhosGonnaWin” campaign. Participants, many of them surrounding the Bank of America Tower, were invited to tweet their predictions. On the four nights leading up to game night, the tally of hashtag votes was taken every hour, and the data was incorporated into the visuals – an animated representation of the battle between the two teams on the East and West sides of the Bank of America Tower. Illuminated by dazzling sequences of light in the colors of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, downtown Phoenix radiated Super Bowl magic.

All in all, the two projects delighted the public as well as the organizers, heightening the Super Bowl experience. “WhosGonnaWin” was a huge success, delighting the tens of thousands of spectators onsite or streaming live from home. “Connected Life” allowed us to introduce the participants to product lines and features like « Get Fit » or devices like « Home and On-the-go ». All this to celebrate the spirit of the game and the fans’ enthusiasm.